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We Make Hiring The Right Talent Easy

Netpace is your trusted partner for cutting-edge Staffing Services & Solutions. Our strategic approach streamlines and optimizes your workforce making outsourcing the management of your company's contingent workforce easy.

We offer a range of flexible service delivery models and expert staffing services to elevate your business. Our long-term vision and proactive management of Staffing services and solutions help businesses scale and grow.

Thanks to decades of experience in the staffing arena, Netpace brings with itself a host of benefits to the partners we are engaging with, such as, technology and market expertise, process efficiencies, ease of scalability and compliant practices, as well as cost savings.


Our Service Models

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations require flexible staffing solutions. Netpace offers a variety of contingent workforce staffing solution ensuring that our multiple staffing delivery model goes beyond simple scalability. We offer a comprehensive approach by leveraging our extensive network and expertise to:

Statement of Work

Statement of Work (SOW)

A Statement of Work (SOW) is a crucial document in the staffing industry and our SOW model ensures clarity and alignment between us and our clients by:

Statement of Work (SOW)


Contract / Contract-to-Hire​

We helps you to identify, source, and vet candidates that meet your needs and requirements. Our this services offer businesses flexible options for hiring, such as:


Direct Hire

Direct Hire

Direct hire services by Netpace facilitate the recruitment and placement of permanent employees within client organizations. These include

Direct Hire

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Netpace helps businesses streamline the complex and time-consuming task of managing employee compensation. Our payroll services guarantee

Payroll Services

Our Vetting Process

Profile Screening
Personality and Culture Fit
Skills Assessment
Recruiter Interview
Role-Based Challenge
Certified & Delivered


Profile Screening

Hundreds of applicants are screened, resulting in a shortlist of qualified candidates.

Optimized Job Descriptions

Hundreds of applicants are screened, resulting in a shortlist of qualified candidates.

Leveraging Previous Candidates

Utilizing our vast pool, we expedite the process by accessing potential talent quickly, saving time in the talent search.

Efficient Screening Process

Our robust systems efficiently screen hundreds of applicants for every open position to ensure we identify the ideal fit for your role without compromising quality.


Personality and Culture Fit

Each candidate’s values and personality traits are evaluated to determine best culture fit.

Values and Commitment Assessment

We ensure candidates align with core values and culturally fit your company.

Thorough Personality Evaluation

Our systematic approach assesses candidates’ suitability for your specific role, ensuring their potential positive impact on your workplace.

Alignment of Company Culture

Leveraging our understanding of your company, we seamlessly integrate your company’s culture into the recruitment process to ensure a mutual fit.


Skills Assessment

Candidates perform an online skills and cognitive ability assessment tailored to the role.

Emphasis on Pre-Employment Testing

At Netpace we prioritize pre-employment testing by utilizing tailored assessments for each role. Research shows that pre-employment testing yields higher correlations to job success compared to traditional resume screening and interviews.


Recruiter Interview

An experienced technical recruiter conducts a video interview to select the top candidates.

Recruiters as Brand Representatives

Our recruiters serve as the initial touchpoint for candidates and adeptly convey your brand’s essence while ensuring compatibility.

Technical Expertise of Senior Recruiters

Our senior technical recruiters are easily able to discern candidates on their skills, identifying discrepancies between resumes and actual technical competence.

Interpersonal Skills and Risk Assessment

Our recruiters evaluate candidates for strong interpersonal abilities and investigate potential risk factors that align with your workplace culture and values.


Role-Based Challenge

Candidates are challenged to prove their abilities through a role-based exercise.

Work Completion Evaluation

Our devised challenges mirror real-world tasks common in technology roles and serve as a reliable method to assess their capabilities.

Role-Based Challenges

Candidates are tasked to complete challenges that replicate the demands of various technology jobs.

Benefits of Role-Based Challenges


Certified & Delivered

Candidates that reach this step in the process are presented to you.

Focus on Quality Candidates

Our commitment lies in delivering only certified candidates through our rigorous process.

Building a Partnership

Our aim is to establish a lasting partnership, consistently delivering high-quality candidates.

Frequently asked questions

What types of placements do you offer?

We offer SOW, contract, contract to permanent, and direct placement talent solutions.

We have flexible payment options that match your budget. We work with your budget to find the best candidate to fit your compensation structure. Just reach out to our team, and we’ll give you a personalized quote.

We cover everything including IT, Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Retail, Light & industrial, Government Services, and more.

Netpace is proud to partner with teams and companies of all sizes; from Fortune 500s to startups.

After submitting a request, we will reach out within 48 hours to learn about your requirements. Depending on the type of need, we will return with curated and screened candidates within 2-7 days.