At Netpace, we know that it takes special knowledge to find the right expert and talent which will solve and work on the next break-through drug, or find a cure for that rare cancer. This is exactly why our Clinical and Life Sciences recruitment solutions comprise of real-world specialized talent and researchers.

From discovery to development to market authorization, we offer our partners the best functional and technical professionals with deep industry knowledge who are ready to make a difference in their organizations. We have helped place outstanding scientific workforce and provided solutions in the Clinical and Life Sciences industry.

Thanks to our proprietary AI technology and global networks that leverage both, we know exactly where to find the talent that our partners need to fulfill the roles to drive innovation and stay competitive in the industry. Whether it is clinical research, pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental science or others, our team is experienced and ready to find you the perfect fit for your company.

With our consultative and collaborative approach, we find great talents and are able to connect them with unique opportunities. We know that our goal isn’t only to help deliver the right talent to our partners, but to make sure our partners find the right solution which is efficient and fits in their specialized needs.

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We have successfully fulfilled the following roles

  • Chemists
  • Lab Technicians
  • Scientists
  • QA Inspector
  • Validation Engineers
  • Quality Systems Specialist
  • Security & Risk Analyst
  • Research Associate
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